Letters Motion 312 Section 223

Letter from CWL President Mary Alice Zister

February 2012

My mother used to tell about a young man who became a priest. She knew his great- grandmother who had a baby out of wedlock.  Mom mused that had her friend had an abortion at her lowest moment that young priest, his grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins would never have been born. That young priest now has a cousin who also became a priest from the same line.

Since 1970 3.5 million babies have been aborted.  What a great blow to two generations. Who is missing? We will never know.

And now we have the opportunity to support a debate on the issue of when life begins. We’ve come a long way since Section 223 (1) of the Canadian Criminal Code was brought forth in 1644, thanks to a politician with the courage of his convictions, who is willing to put his job on the line.

Now is our opportunity to become informed and to be part of the discussion. Let us not miss the opportunity. We have been comfortable for too long. It is a very small thing that we have to do. If each of us acts on it we can accomplish something grea

Write to your MP and to the Prime Minister and ask them support Steve Woodworth’s motion to examine the outdated Personhood Law, Section 223 (1) in relation to current scientific medical research.  That is all you have to do, the least that  you can do. If we all act we can make a difference.

Finally, let us thank God for this opportunity.


Mary Alice Zister
CWL President
St. Teresa, Kitchener