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Call to Action from William Zister

In these difficult economic times I am convinced we would be much better off without abortion. We would have more people and more jobs would be needed, more people to do those jobs, more people to pay taxes and to contribute to society as a whole. There would likely be a lot less unemployment. We have tampered with the balance of nature and the economy and with God’s gift of life and are suffering the consequences.

We have lost generations of people, workers, scientists, educators, etc. There is nothing more wonderful in this world than holding a new life in one’s arms. Why are we afraid of them? Continue reading Call to Action from William Zister

Letter to Editor from Chris Howell

Published on February 7, 2012 in The Record

I am astounded by a country that says a child is not a person until they’re born. The whole issue really hit home on Jan. 22 when I helped deliver my baby girl.

Holding her just out of my wife’s womb, she was the most perfect, most innocent, life-sustaining person I’ve ever seen. However, according to the laws of this country that I love and have served and would lay my life down for in an instant, had my baby girl been allowed to continue to full term she would not have been a person.

I have to ask why this is. The doctors and medical staff at Grand River Hospital clearly felt that she was capable of breathing and sustaining life on her own. Otherwise it would have been reckless of them to induce labour. Continue reading Letter to Editor from Chris Howell

Letter from Christine Runstedtler to Prime Minister Harper

Dear Mr. Harper

I strongly support Mr. Woodworth’s initiative regarding the personhood law, Section 223 (1), given current medical and scientific research.

It is indeed telling that even the old law still on the books refers to the child’s becoming a human being. This is reminiscent of slaves’ being recognized as human beings in the nineteenth century and of Canadian women’s being similarly recognized in the twentieth.

I have a bright, healthy, five-year-old niece who had to be delivered at barely seven months’ gestation because she was in imminent danger of death. Even after delivery, she was given only a ten percent chance of living. No one ever referred to her as a fetus. Continue reading Letter from Christine Runstedtler to Prime Minister Harper

Letter from Dr. Clare Beingessner to Prime Minister Harper

R.H. Stephen Harper,

This communication is to inform you that I strongly endorse MP Stephen Woodworth’s initiative to revisit Canada’s outdated personhood laws. To me it is criminal that in the 21st Century, where we have a deep understanding of the science of when human life begins, this country not only supports but condones the killing of unborn human beings. Not only is the abomination of abortion morally wrong by any reasonable standard but it is highly offensive to me that a portion of my tax dollars are funding this heinous process in our hospitals.

I have been a strong supporter of the Conservative Government for many years and truly hope that Mr. Woodworth’s initiative will be acted on by your government.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Clare J. Beingessner, KGCHS, PhD, FASM, PEng.
Waterloo, Ontario

Letter to Editor from Alex Matan

Published on December 30, 2012 in The Record

Re: Let’s talk about the rights of the unborn child — Dec 23

Consider this: Five seconds after a child emerges into the world, she has the same legal rights as any other kid. Five seconds before she emerges, she can be legally killed by a lethal injection and nobody could say a thing. That’s a pretty arbitrary deadline.

Now, nobody would actually do such a thing, but how about 15 seconds before birth? A minute? A month? At 22 weeks gestation, when premature babies have survived and grew up normally? When she starts to look human? Act human? Look cute? Defined organs? When she has unique DNA?

If and when is it OK, at what age should we acquire human rights and equal protection under the law? Should a 15-year-old be able to get a same-day abortion without parental knowledge or consent when society doesn’t trust her judgment to drive, buy alcohol, quit school, or get a tattoo? Continue reading Letter to Editor from Alex Matan