We Need a Law

Canada has no abortion laws. Canada is the only country in the western world without abortion legislation. Only China and North Korea are in our company. The mission of is to build a groundswell of support from across Canada for abortion legislation.

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Persephone – A Person Before Her Due Date?

Persephone was born premature this year at Grand River Hospital. Canadian law says that she was not a human being until she was born. Had she waited until her due date to be born, she would not have been considered a human being until then. Was Persephone not a human being all along? Does such […]

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Motion 312 Debate – Watch, Listen, or Read

Video of Motion 312 Debate – Opening speeches only: Click below to download or listen to MP3 audio of the April 26 debate in the House of Commons of Motion 312: Motion 312 Debate – Opening Speeches Only – April 26, 2012 (MP3, 19:53, 19.1 MB) Motion 312 Debate – Full Hour of Debate – […]

Action Featured Motion 312 Section 223

Petition in Support of Motion 312

Here is Stephen Woodworth’s petition. The more official print version of the Petition in Support of Motion 312 [PDF] can be printed out. Acquire 25 signatures with the signers’ city and province. It can be submitted to your local Member of Parliament. There is also a less official Online Petition in Support of Motion 312 […]