It’s a double crime

The RECORD Article – June 18, 2011

Our research shows at least five pregnant women in Canada have been killed in the past few years, with convictions of one count of murder each. A woman who was pregnant was killed in Kitchener recently. The Canadian Criminal Code states that a fetus is a “human being” when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother.

A double charge of murder could be a deterrent for crimes against a woman and her unborn child. Affirming the value of the unborn baby would also affirm the value of the mother’s life because she died wanting to bring her baby to term.

Recent fetal homicide bills have failed, even with two-thirds of Canadians wanting at least some protection for unborn human life, according to a 2009 Environics poll. The law should balance the rights of the preborn baby and the rights of the mother.

Are these incidents relevant to the abortion debate? A recent study found that 64 per cent of aborted women felt pressured by others leaving them “no choice” but abortion, says the Elliot Institute. The right to make “her own choice” would affect the rights of women in a positive way.

Criminal Law has to do something more substantial to help pregnant women at risk from abusive relationships. Women need a law that protects them and allows them to bring their babies to term safely. Informed consent laws could screen those at risk of abuse and pressure to abort.

Jane Richard
K-W Right to Life President